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     The Bonnie Youth Club, a year round youth program, uses baseball as a vehicle to capture young people’s  (ages 5-21) interest.  Our educational program, “Support, Service and Success,” guides our student/athletes  so that they may find the high schools and colleges that best suit their needs.  Our “Bonnie Success Pages” are  the stories of our student/athletes successes.

    Founded in 1949

    The Bonnie Youth  Club was founded in 1949 by Al Bonnie Sr. and his two sons, Al Jr. and Joe.  It has since developed into New York City’s finest sandlot baseball organization that helps develop youth into outstanding adults.

    Bonnie Bulletin Board:

    Successful Bonnie Opening Day Parade and Walkathon!

    bonnie Parade

     Congratulations to Mark Tatum


    The Bonnie Youth Club salutes the new Deputy Commissioner of the N.B.A., Mark Tatum. Mark is a Bonnie Hall of Fame member (elected in 2000), played with the Bonnies from 1980-1990. He is now on the Bonnie Youth Club Board of Advisers. He graduated and played baseball with Cornell University and then graduated from Harvard Business School. The N.B.A. could not do better and we could not be prouder!


    Baseball-Bonnie Pride

    All teams are now practicing outdoors. If you are interested in trying out use the Coaches pull down menu and contact the appropriate coach or use the email below.

    More Info: bonnieyouth@hotmail.com



    The members of the Bonnie Youth Club of Brooklyn, NY were deeply saddened by the news of the death of Albert J. Bonnie, Jr.  Al Sr. and brother Joe, originally founded the organization back in 1949 to provide the youth of the community with an athletic, recreational and educational program that would attract student athletes into the organization as youngsters and graduate solid citizens of the community.

    Al Jr. remained a strong supporter of the organization from 1949 until his death this week. At the time of his death he was the Vice President of the organization and was known and loved by all of its members, young and old. He will be missed as he represented a big part of the organization’s history as one of the founding fathers.

    “We are committed to keeping his name alive for many years to come.”

     Jerry Katzke – President,  Bonnie Youth Club


    Listen to Bonnie Coach Matt Pearson

    on Rick Wolff’s WFAN “The Sports Edge” !

    (Matt begins at 28 minutes, October 6th show)



    Bonnie Opening Day Parade and Celebration Big Hit!

        Click for video below 

       Bonnie Baseball Opening Day Parade


     Anthony Varvaro – Atlanta Braves and a Bonnie for life!


    Anthony Varvaro of the Atlanta Braves  pitched for the Bonnie Freshman and Junior teams. He gave a wonderful clinic to our present players this past winter and will do so again this January. He spoke at the Players’ Awards dinners urging our student athletes to work hard in school and on the field. We wish Anthony all the best. We are his biggest fans. Below is a link to a great story on Anthony’s success.