The Bonnie Youth Club, an all-volunteer organization, uses baseball as a vehicle for imparting life-long values.

Each year, the Bonnie Youth Club attracts some 400 youngsters, ages 5-21; most of who are inner- city youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  A major objective is to reach many young people who are often very difficult to engage in positive activity.  Our year-round program uses baseball as a catalyst for imparting academic, social, and emotional skills to our youth.

The Bonnie Youth Club uses the vast human resources of our organization to staff and implement its programs.  Our over 75 volunteer staff members are teachers, social workers, businessmen, blue-collar workers, and college students, many of whom are former Bonnie players.  The skills and knowledge of these mentors and role models are put to use all year.

Our program attracts people of diverse backgrounds and affords them the opportunity of working together to foster respect and dignity among each other.  The Bonnie Youth Club is a microcosm of our city’s wonderful diversity and multi-culturalism. Our program teaches children the value of cooperation and competition that are so important to becoming productive and responsible adults.  The Bonnie Youth Club is dedicated to developing the skills and abilities of each and every participant in our organization.