SUPPORT, SERVICE, AND SUCCESS, initiated in 1999, is our primary youth development and support program.  This program emphasizes the importance of education, high school and college placement, positive self-worth, juvenile delinquency prevention, drug education/prevention, multicultural activities, mentoring, tutoring, and counseling.

The high school component of SUPPORT, SERVICE AND SUCCESS has had success by engaging teachers, social workers and other members within the Bonnie organization, formally and informally, along with collaboration with other social agencies, to help our youngsters prepare for and succeed in high school. These partnerships include the Henry Street Settlement., the  Boys Clubs of New York and the Church Avenue Merchants and Block Association. These links with outside agencies have afforded our young people the use of their services, such as after school programs for SAT exams and tutoring.  Also, a  number of our players are often employed in  the summer or after-school part-time jobs in programs run by these agencies.

Our most important and successful endeavor, since the inception of SUPPORT, SERVICE AND SUCCESS, is the college placement program. Each year the Bonnie Youth Club personnel plays a pivotal role in assisting our graduating high school seniors in applying to and securing academic and/or baseball scholarships to attend major colleges and universities.  We continue to develop relationships with new institutions to ensure our youngsters are placed in the most appropriate setting. All of our student/athletes are given advice and guidance, at both formal and informal meetings, from educators within the Bonnie Youth Club family as an integral part of our higher education program.  This is especially important as many New York City high schools, private and public, lack the staffing to properly handle the job of college counseling.


120  of our student athletes have  graduated from such institutions as Bowdoin, Drexel, Florida Institute of Technology, Quinnipiac, Stony Brook, Palm Beach Atlantic, Wheaton, Oberlin and other institutions of higher learning. 51 of our student athletes are now  attending  Cornell,  Northwood University, Long Island University, Dominican College,  Franklin and Marshall  as well as SUNY and CUNY, in both 2 year and 4 year schools .  This year 6 of our student athletes graduated from 2 and 4 year schools and the coming years promise many more graduates.  We take special pride in our ability to get student athletes into college and following up on their academic work to guarantee an expanding  number of college graduates.

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