James Williams

The Bonnie organization has taught me a countless amount of lessons. It’s only right that I give back to an organization, a community enforcer, that has taught me enormous life lessons! James Williams will be making significant donations to the Bonnie Organization!

Emmanuel Mateo

I want to thank everyone in the Bonnie family for dedicating your time and energy to all of the young men that walk through the clubhouse door. My family and I would not have accomplished as much without everyone. Not only did the Bonnies help us when we were in financial need,sponsoring us for trips, meals and even seasons but they have shown us how to be men. I’m proud to say that my older brother is a college graduate from Columbia and currently an engineer at the Boeing company.I’m a college graduate from SUNY at Old Westbury and currently an account executive for Carr business systems. My younger brother Anderson is on his way to Hawaii for a baseball summer league and currently enrolled in Northern Oklahoma College. We would have never been in the position that we are in without everyone in the Bonnies. I want to extend my appreciation. Everyone has shown me the value of hard work on and off the field and the importance of an education. I will never forget it.

Dan Rootenberg

Thanks for the shout out! Those early days playing baseball with Brooklyn Bonnies were incredible. A great organization that builds much more than just baseball talent.

Dwayne Loadholt – on joining the Bonnie Alumni and Friends Association

No problem coach. It’s great to be re-connected with an organization that has meant so much to me.

Carlos-Imelda S.

The Bonnie’s really focus on training kids to learn about baseball the right way from the start. My oldest son has really improved his game this year. Read the Rest

B. Diaz

This wonderful organization has my support because a makes a tremendous impact on the lives of young men in NYC. It helps them gain valuable life lessons and gives them an outlet in which to play the sport they love— baseball. The volunteers in this organization offer guidance and support to these young men throughout their lives. As a testament to the impact this organization has many of the young men return as volunteers to pat it forward. Read the Rest

Jim Ferguson

At the age of 5, my son, Gil, joined the Bonnie Youth Club as an instructional league player. For nine consecutive seasons Gil has learned the game of baseball from a cohort of knowledgeable and dedicated coaches. He has gained a skill set which simply would have been beyond reach with another organization. Bonnie baseball is a way of life–there is code of conduct and an exacting level of commitment that is required. This cultivated discipline carries over into school life and the academic world. Bonnie ballplayers strive for excellence on the baseball field and in the classroom. Gil and his teammates are together whether they win or lose. They support each other through their success and failure. Their collective effort in the competitive world of youth baseball is the template for lifelong friendships.

A. Brown

The Bonnies have been great to my son. He has made life time friends from this organization. The Bonnies have provided great opportunities for my son not only baseball but academics as well. The coaches have been great role models and have taught my son to fight hard for what he want to accomplish in life.

Jay Colon

I was a member of the Bonnie Boy Club for a few seasons, but in that short period of time, I was able to not only take my game to another level, but more importantly, I was able to make some great friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Thirteen years later, I still look back to our road to the World Series as one of the greatest summers of my life.  Read More

Alejandro Brown

My name is Alejandro Brown and I am currently an active player and coach with the Bonnie organization. The Bonnie organization not only saved my life but the lives of many inner city kids. They provide a structure for many of us. A good sense of direction not to mention a discipline that is needed to survive in the everyday world. So I would definitely recommend this organization to any parent if they want their kids to continue to become better young men and young women. Also have fun and win some championships in the process.

Jerry Katzke

I first joined the Bonnie Youth Club as a baseball player back in 1962 at the age of 14 years old. After playing with the Bonnies for a few years, I became a manager with the organization in 1966 and have been with the organization ever since as a manager, coach, Athletic Director and President of the organization. Over the years I have seen many players of all ages join the organization, develop their athletic skills as well as their sense of sportsmanship and fair play and go on to be successful in High School and College both on and off the field and graduate and become solid citizens of the community. Many of them have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, policemen and firemen as well as professional baseball players. read more

Betty Williams

I was introduced to the Bonnie Youth Club some 25 years ago when my sons joined the club to learn to play baseball. They not only learned the game, they learned, teamwork, volunteerism, sportsmanship, how to be student athletes and they made lifelong friends. As a parent I not only bonded with other adults but also ended up becoming a mentor and volunteer myself. The club helps inner city youth travel, balance school and books and hone their skills on the ball field. There are so many young people who are touched by the work being done by the Bonnie Youth Club that now there are generations of ballplayers who can call the Bonnies home. The club’s longevity is a testament to the good work they do for our kids.

Euthemia Matsoukas

The Bonnie Youth Club is an example of how a grass roots organization should operate. They provide an opportunity for young people to learn to play and work together, and for volunteers to learn to know the children of their community and to help improve the quality of their lives. It is no wonder that they have so many adult volunteers who grew up participating in the program. The value of this small organization in Brooklyn is felt throughout the country, as the children grow up and spread the word wherever they go.

Calvin Baker

I am one of many of this organization’s success stories. I have been involved with this organization since 1979 as a player that has benefited from many of the role models that were there at the time. The Bonnie Boys Club provided me with a positive environment to channel my energy in a productive manner. After graduating from college and embarking on my business career, it was only fitting for me to give back to to such a worthwhile cause, the youth.

Matt Pearson

I too am one of the great success stories of the Bonnies. Growing up in the crime and drug infested streets of Flatbush Brooklyn in the mid 80’s. The Bonnies was a safe have and beacon of light for young men and women who desired athletic competition through baseball and a way out of the pitfalls for urban youth that was rampant throughout the US during that era. It for me personally was exactly what I needed because it provided guidance, structure, discipline and values. It helped provide peace of mind for my mother who was hard at work raising myself and sisters as a struggling single mother. My coaches throughout my years became the male role models and mentors I needed and their guidance and direction proved invaluable. Through my affiliation with this organization I was able to become a very productive member of my communities in education and bred to be a leader. The greatest value of this organization are the volunteers and coaches who work tirelessly to ensure the youth of the communities in which they serve are given guidance, advice and the greatest instruction possible to see that player be a future success. I urge you to please confirm this by going anywhere in NYC and and the Eastern seaboard with any kind of Bonnie clothing and you will meet a person or people with fond memories and gratitude to the organization for all they have done. You will also see those same people who have continually come back to the organization with their sons, daughters, and friends as well as volunteering their time much in the same way as the people who were there for them in their time with the organization.

Mark Tatum

I have been involved with the Bonnie Boys Club for more than 30 years, and I cannot think of an organization more committed to helping the youth of Brooklyn. It provides a safe haven for children of all ages and teaches them invaluable life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. The impact of this organization has been far reaching, helping kids get into colleges and allowing some to even pursue their dream of playing professional baseball and other related jobs in sports. This is an organization that survives based on the unlimited dedication of several volunteers in the community and it should be recognized as one of the truly great nonprofit organizations.

Mark Naison

My son Eric played for the Bonnies for many years and I helped out as a volunteer and assistant coach. They were the most interracial sports organization in Brooklyn- Black kids, White kids, Latino kids- all working together and playing baseball and the highest level. Many of the players went on to get college scholarships. This is an incredible organization run by an all volunteer staff.

Nathan Kaplan

My time with the Bonnie Youth Club changed my life. I was a player in the organization for four years and a volunteer assistant coach for two years after that. As a member of the Bonnie family I had great baseball experiences, but I also made great friends and grew a lot as a person. I played and coached with the Bonnies in a time when I was going from being a kid to being a young adult. Playing and coaching with the Bonnies changed the way that I see the world and taught me lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Kit McClure

A wonderful all-volunteer organization that uses baseball to attract 300-400 young people every year. But they not only play baseball, they have programs that work with the youngsters to get into desirable high schools and colleges. And often with an academic and/or athletic scholarship.

Anthony Hewitt (parent and volunteer)

The Bonnie Youth Club is a place where our youth can come and really learn the game of baseball at a very high level. There have been many kids from the Bonnie Youth Club who are in great schools, colleges, and professions because of the positive impact of this youth club. There are numerous coaches and administrators who volunteer many hours of their time at no charge. The Bonnie Youth Club is a place that is truly needed in our community

Norris Gordon

I’ve been involved with the Bonnies since 1980 and have found the entire experience extremely important, rewarding and worthwhile. Every year this organization helps hundreds of young people grow by providing them with positive alternatives to the many negative things going on when they’re not at home or in school. The sports program and other extra-curricular activities, like trips and high school and college placement programs, point them in right direction. Many join as early as age 5 and are still with the program when they reach 21. The huge list of the clubs college graduates and distinguished alumni prove this. Everyone involved with the program are volunteers and many of the current staff are kids that grew up “Bonnies”, and then returned to give back. We need more nonprofit organizations like the Bonnie Youth Club!

Sean Fairweather

I remember the day I tried out to join the Bonnie Youth Club. Everyone was so excited to play baseball that when the coach hit a ball to the outfield during practice, everyone on the team ran to the outfield to retrieve the ball. We had no discipline. Our coach instantly stopped play and used the time to teach us why our approach would not work. His knowledge of the game commanded respect.

The Bonnie organization instills discipline in its players through its coaches by way of example. Bonnie coaches are not only good coaches who know how to create good baseball players but they are good, responsible people who, through their example, help create good, responsible individuals.

Bonnie coaches don’t get paid for their time; however, throughout the year they teach responsibility by always showing up and being available to their players. At times they provide personal advice. For players who don’t have both parents in the home, this interaction is critical. I always remembered Bonnie coaches to be positive role models. For some of us, being a positive role model was the most important contribution these coaches made to our lives.